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01 January 2037 @ 12:00 am

Welcome to my playground blog for my language studies. I don't blog completely in English here but I bet you guys can relate somehow. Most of my fangirling posts are kept for to those who wanna read it. Don't say I didn't spare you.

My POLADIARY posts are usually in Japanese, I dunno someone please check my grammar for me. While the rest of my posts are a mix of Chinese and Korean (of course English too so you understand).

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28 May 2012 @ 09:12 pm

I was dead set on drafting a font design but I ended up using today's creativity to channel "sincerely happy". And it ended up becoming a back flip.
► I will say yes to job offer, dead set to make it part of my career.
► Will say no to another job offer, because I do not want to miserably happy-with-pay
► "haha" came out when I pressed CTRL + V ☺ ... I must really be happy
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17 May 2012 @ 04:56 pm

Here's to a four year long love for the song.

I finally got the single *Tears of Joy*
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01 January 2012 @ 01:45 pm
New year 2012
♪ Kpop Con 3 FINISHED
♪ simple new year celebration
♪ working before the countdown
♪ TVXQ wins song of the year @ KCON3
♪ Kim JaeJong once again is the hottest male of the year @ KCON3
♪ Cassiopeia PH receives first fan club of the year award from Globe ♥
♪ loving Ryuchi's short hair look
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